ECHO‘s Primary Goals

    The people are lacking of following basic necessities

  1. To raise awareness about the importance of endangered species and their habitat through ongoing educational campaigns promoted during regular visits to village schools, at social gatherings and community meetings, and through such media as posters and local radio talks
  2. To develop strategies with community members to ensure the protection of endangered species and their natural prey, while simultaneously protecting the means of survival of the hunters, herders and all other community stakeholders
  3. To create and extend necessary services initially to 2-3 model communities located in prime wildlife habitats to serve as examples for future education in other designated villages. These initial model communities will be chosen based on their:
    1. accessibility
    2. critical interaction with carnivorous animals, their natural prey species, and livestock
    3. commitment to the goals of ECHO
  4. To assist in the alleviation of poverty through the development of needs-based projects in the designated communities, such as:
    1. vocational and ecological awareness training centers for women
    2. health clinics
    3. the construction of extension bridges, irrigation canals, community freshwater cisterns (freshwater projects) and predator-proof corrals
  5. To encourage other villagers in the area to follow the example set by the first two model communities based on their growing awareness of the benefits reaped from the project facilitated through ECHO.