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Echo‘s Future Plans
What are ECHO‘s Expectations for the Future?

Since 2002, ECHO has worked extensively with 16 villages of the Southern Himalayan area surrounding the Deosai Plateau. Much of its efforts have been focused on the two ￿model communities￿ of Dass Bala and Yagum. In the future, ECHO plans to extend ￿model community￿ status to all of the 16 villages.

  1. Develop and implement plans with the communities to improve or construct:

    • suspension foot bridges
    • a potable water source for community use and irrigation channels
    • predator-proof livestock corrals
  2. Commence reforestation
  3. Provide medical dispensaries that are restocked annually
  4. Select and train dedicated guards to enforce the hunting ban and to scan the area for wildlife and to scan the area for wildlife
  5. To fulfill these objectives, establish a well-equipped office with highly skilled personnel will be established.
  6. Involve national and international specialists in the environment and community welfare, along with concerned volunteers/donors who will be recruited and involved in ECHO￿s process to achieve its mission and goals.