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Vision Statement



Environmental Conservation Himalayan Outreach (ECHO)

ECHO�s primary purpose is to strive to improve the villagers� basic living conditions, while promoting the sustenance of the valuable ecosystem that can be a source of wealth if preserved. Conditions in the villages of the Southern Himalayas are so impoverished that the people live at a subsistence level that does not often allow them to think beyond basic survival. In the past they have not perceived ecological concerns as a priority in their lives, even though the unintended destruction of their environment will inevitably lead to further hardship.
Our non-profit organization supports and educates communities towards conservation in the hopes of uplifting their lives. Environmental Conservation Himalayan Outreach (ECHO) envisions a twofold mission:

  • To conserve of Southern Himalayan threatened endangered species and their habitat, in collaboration with local communities.
  • To strengthen and uplift designated impoverished communities in the Southern Himalayan area by empowering and educating them to become independent stewards responsible for the protection of their environment and its ecosystem.