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What has ECHO already achieved?
Vocational and Ecological Training Centers for Women

In 2004, ECHO founded vocational centers for women in two villages, the Dass Bala and Yagum communities. The donation of 20 sewing machines motivated the women to make a commitment to protect the environment. Currently, three school shifts are running: morning, afternoon and evening (due to limited space) to train female students. The students have demonstrated overwhelming enthusiasm in receiving free sewing lessons, which will empower them by learning survival skills for possible future cottage industries. Each shift holds at least 25 to 30 students in each school. At the ecological training meetings, women are taught practical lessons from how to conserve scarce firewood to basic household sanitation and disease prevention. They are encouraged to actively guide their children to attend school.

Children Should Become Stewards of their Environment


Children need to be educated as to Environmental Awareness before it is too late.