Effect on Endangered Wildlife

What has been the positive impact on the wildlife populations of the area?

  1. Himalayan Brown Bear Project in the Deosai National Park, boosted the population levels of wildlife species of the area. Hunting was banned not only in Deosai, but also in Dass Bala, Yagum and the 14 other ECHO designated villages surrounding the National Park.
  2. Since 2002, when the men of Dass Bala and Yagum signed contracts promising not to kill endangered species or carry firearms while on firewood collecting or grazing excursions, the numbers of wildlife have increased. Villagers have reported increased sightings of grey wolves, snow leopards, and ibex. Vultures that had virtually disappeared from the area have returned.
  3. Both projects have resulted in a significant increase in the health of the wildlife populations of the area.