What Has Been the Response, of these Communities to ECHO's Programs?

Through ECHO's efforts we have demonstrated its reliability as an organization, to the communities with which we have worked. The communities are willing to cooperate with ECHO for the conservation and preservation of wildlife, and especially endangered species. An interesting anecdote is that an older man in the village of Pulnnat had spoken to the director of ECHO about his blurry eyes that no other doctor had been able to cure. Mr. Siddiqui spoke with the team of volunteer doctors, who then diagnosed the condition and prescribed eye drops for him. Three weeks later, when the director arrived at the village, he was greeted effusively with open arms and a kiss on the forehead by the grateful man who had received the eye drops.

"My son, my hero! My eyes are working like binoculars! Praise God"

Permission Given to Create and Implement the Women's Vocational Schools

The elders of Dass Bala and Yagum met with the director of ECHO numerous times, and eventually gave him permission to create the vocational schools with the women. The day of the presentation of the sewing machines was so significant to the women that even though the women were doing the essential job of grass harvesting for the winter, they halted all their work to prepare a feast in honor of the occasion. The women of the village now have a place to gather, discuss and learn together.

"For the first time, I feel like I am learning something so valuable. I can now sew and mend clothes for my family. I feel like I am part of something important for my community."

Women's gratitude for the receiving of the machines has prompted them to encourage the male population to abandon some of their detrimental ecological practices.